Borderlands 3 Includes Loot and Level Scaling, but It Can Be Turned Off

Borderlands 3 Includes Loot and Level Scaling, but It Can Be Turned Off

As part of today’s Borderlands 3 blowout, IGN had the opportunity to sit down and talk with creative director Paul Sage about how the loot and level scaling works for the game’s co-op play.

“If a level 30 player comes in and plays in a level 20 player’s game, there’s level 30 loot dropping for them: that’s the loot-instancing,” said Sage.

“But also there’s got to be challenges… so imagine you’re level 20 and I’m level 30 and I come into your game and you’re fighting a level 25 enemy, for me that’s gonna feel like a level 35 enemy, so it’s all relative to how we’re actually playing and what we’re actually doing.”

A Gearbox representative told IGN that with this loot-instancing, everyone playing will receive their own unique stream of loot relevant to their character’s level and players can fight enemies relative to their own level when playing co-op. However both loot and level scaling can be turned off for those who prefer the classic Borderlands experience.

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