Control's New Ultimate Edition Is The Only Way To Get A PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrade

Control's New Ultimate Edition Is The Only Way To Get A PS5/Xbox Series X Upgrade

Ahead of the first showing of its next expansion for Control, Remedy Entertainment has announced a new all-inclusive edition of the game that will launch on August 27 on Steam for $40. Launching later on PS4 and Xbox One, Control – Ultimate Edition will also be the only way to get a free next-gen console upgrade for the game.

It is important to note that the only way to get a free upgrade to next-gen versions of Control is by purchasing the Ultimate Edition. Only owners of this new version on Xbox One and PS4 will have their game updated for free to the Xbox Series X and PS5 version respectively. It has not been stated yet if you will be able to purchase this update down the line, or if the Ultimate Edition is the only way to obtain this, but Remedy did confirm with GameSpot that owners of the base game and its DLC are not eligible for an upgrade.

Control’s Ultimate Edition will include the base game and its two expansions. The Foundation launched earlier this year, while the latest additional content, AWE, will see the return of Alan Wake and start expanding on Remedy’s own interconnected universe. AWE launches on August 27 alongside this edition across all platforms, while this collection will see a staggered release according to platform.

Control Ultimate – Edition will launch first on Steam and arrive on the Epic Games Store (previously the only place where you could buy it on PC) on September 10. It will launch digitally for Xbox One and PS4 on this date too, while physical copies will arrive later this year. Remedy says it will launch the collection for Xbox Series X and PS5 later this year too, but only digitally. Physical copies will not arrive until 2021.

Remedy is hosting a stream on August 13 to debut the first 15 minutes of AWE gameplay, before its launch later in the month. Their latest IP is fantastic, making it one of our picks for best games of 2019. GameSpot’s 8/10 Control review praised its world and combat, with critic Peter Brown writing, “I can’t wait to take part in discussions about the game, to see what others have figured out, and to better understand where it all fits into Jesse’s story.”

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