Destiny 2 Is Finally Getting Armor Transmogrification – But Not For A While

Destiny 2 Is Finally Getting Armor Transmogrification – But Not For A While

Like any MMO, part of the experience of playing Destiny 2 is looking awesome. You customize your alien-slaying Guardian with cool armor earned through your various exploits, which you can then colorize with special shaders. But for the most part, if you like a specific armor look, you’re also stuck with that armor’s statistics–even if they’re bad. That’ll change in Destiny 2’s upcoming fourth year, when Bungie adds a transmogrification option for armor.

Bungie made the announcement in its This Week at Bungie blog post. In it, director Luke Smith runs down a number of changes coming to the game over the next few content seasons. Transmogrification is in “early development,” Smith said, and is set to get introduced in Year 4, which kicks off in the fall. Bungie hasn’t said exactly when the feature will make its way into the game, though, which suggests it could be a while into next year before Guardians become fully customizable.

If you’re unfamiliar, transmogrification in MMOs is the ability to change a set of armor to look like another set, while retaining the original armor’s perks and stats. That changed somewhat in the Shadowkeep expansion, which allowed you buy “Universal Ornaments” for armor from the premium currency Eververse Store that let you change your armor’s appearance. But ornaments were only available for purchase. You couldn’t get universal ornaments that changed your gear to look like the armor from, say, one of Destiny 2’s raids or activities. It basically meant that players were forced to keep multiple sets of armor if they liked different looks, the same way they might keep multiple sets for specific character loadouts.

Transmogrification will allow you to change any armor to look like any other armor, from the sounds of things, but just owning an armor piece won’t automatically unlock it as a universal ornament. Rather, you’ll have the option to transform an armor piece into an ornament. “We plan to allow players to do this with in-game effort OR Silver,” Smith wrote. Silver is Destiny 2’s premium currency, meaning if you want your cool armor to become an ornament, you’ll either have to work for it or pay for it.

Still, that’s a big change for Destiny 2 that will make it a lot easier to become a fashion-forward immortal space marine. Unfortunately, it sounds like we’ll be waiting a few months at the very least before Guardians get our new wardrobe options.

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