GTA 5 Online Valentine's Day Event Live, Adds New Car And In-Game Perks

GTA 5 Online Valentine's Day Event Live, Adds New Car And In-Game Perks

GTA V Online’s Valentine’s Day event offers many in-game perks. You can earn 50% more than the average cash haul if you rob the casino, and a whole slew of heists and Adversary modes will also be offering double payout this week.

The heists include The Fleeca Job, Prison Break, and Series A, and the Adversary modes include Offense Defense, Hasta La Vista, and Lost vs. Damned. If you a grab a partner, you can participate in Till Death Til Us Part, an Adversary mode where you share one life between the two of you, and earn twice the normal amount. Nightclub Income will also be doubled this week.

As for special in-game items, you can earn a T-shirt easily and a nice ride less easily. You’ll get a free in-game Albany T-shirt if you play GTA Online anytime before February 19. If you go to the casino and hedge your bets on the lucky wheel, you might be able to win a retro Albany Roosevelt Valor. Various items and stuff are being discounted, and you can see it all on the Rockstar Games website.

As part of the Valentine’s Day update, a new car was released as well: the Dinka Sugoi. I could not find a way to describe it in a better manner than Rockstar Games. The studio says, “The Dinka Sugoi has as much finish and flash as the elaborate mating ritual of a bird in paradise.” For performance, the car apparently “Lure[s] the admiration and friendship that you alone could not,” which ouch, Rockstar, way to call us out. Whoever runs its ad copy team is made of pure genius and as a result of their efforts, I really want this car.

If you’re thinking about making the Dinka Sugoi your new getaway, the car costs around $1.2 million, which is weird since the Dinka Sugoi is based off of the Honda Civic Type R FK8, according to fans. But hey, I guess it does come in cool colorways.

GTA V is still incredibly popular and moved 120 million units worldwide, selling 20 million of those copies in 2019 alone. GTA Online, a game released in 2013, has been still growing its community rapidly. In December 2019 and January 2020, GTA Online set new player record levels.

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