Halo Infinite's Craig Meme: Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Loves It, Too

Halo Infinite's Craig Meme: Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Loves It, Too

The Halo Infinite gameplay reveal showed off many aspects of the Xbox Series X launch title, including its large world, grapple hook, and back-to-basics combat design that harkens to the original Halo. But it also showed off a visual engine that a lot of fans were not impressed by, which has been exemplified by “Craig”, the Brute whose deadpan expression and gorilla-like face has become a gaming meme for the ages. 343 Industries ran with the meme, poking fun at the screenshot while assuring players the game would improve before its launch this holiday season. But even the higher-level executives seem to enjoy the lovable Brute.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has given his thoughts on the meme, and he seems to see the funny side of it. Asked by a fan for his take, Spencer called Craig “our new official Xbox mascot.”

Continuing on, Spencer cited Craig as a great example of the creativity of the Xbox community. You can view the tweet below.

Considering all of this, we expect Craig will be somehow canonized in the final release–be on the look out for the inevitable Easter egg in the final release.

Halo Infinite will be the platform for Halo going forward, developer 343 Industries has said. Details about the game’s multiplayer have started to emerge too, and it turns out it’ll be fully free-to-play.

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