New Rainbow Six Siege Operators From Steel Wave Update Detailed

New Rainbow Six Siege Operators From Steel Wave Update Detailed

Ubisoft has finally shared in-depth details about the next two operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 5, Season 2. As teased in a recent trailer, Operation Steel Wave adds defender Melusi and attacker Ace to the game. You can check out a full breakdown of them and what’s new in Steel Wave in the video below–there are changes coming beyond just the addition of new operators, including a new gadget and a map rework.

Melusi is described as a crowd control specialist that aids her team by gathering intel on attacker positions. Her utility, Banshee Sonic Defense, is similar to Maestro’s Evil Eye in that she can place it anywhere and assist the defenders in slowing down attackers.

However, unlike the manually controlled Evil Eye, the Banshee Sonic Defense activates automatically, emitting a scream-like sound whenever an attacker gets close. This both slows the movements of attackers and alerts defenders to where an attacker is. The Banshee Sonic Defense is bullet-proof, so attackers will have to utilize an explosive utility or melee the device in order to destroy it.

Ace is a more up-close-and-personal type of operator. He’s described as a hard breacher who best excels when he’s on the front lines of his team’s assault. His SELMA gadget behaves similarly to Hibana’s X-Kairos, albeit with a less explosive and more automatic twist.

When Ace throws SELMA onto a breachable wall–regardless of whether or not it’s reinforced–it drops an explosive on the section of the wall below it and then explodes, creating a small hole. This secondary charge then pushes out a third explosive before going off, making the hole even bigger. Finally, the third charge goes off. This means that, unless the defenders find a way to stop SELMA with an electric charge or electronic jammer, it will steadily create a bigger hole in their defenses.

Along the official reveal for both Melusi and Ace, Ubisoft also announced that the House map is getting a rework in Year 5, Season 2. Amaru is also getting a rework, with adjustments to her Garra Hook making her a better breacher. Defenders will also get a nice new gadget: the proximity alarm. The device does pretty much what you think it will–it emits a loud beeping sound if an attacker gets too close, providing an easy way of alerting you and your team to where an enemy is.

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