Rocket Arena Is Already Free To Play This Weekend

Rocket Arena Is Already Free To Play This Weekend

Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can check out a few games for free this weekend, and two of them released in the past month. From now through Sunday, you can play Rocket Arena, Disintegration, and Two Point Hospital at no cost on Xbox One and other platforms. As usual, the free-play weekend is accompanied by discounts on each game so you can keep playing for cheaper.

Released July 14, Rocket Arena is EA’s new 3×3 shooter that has unique playable heroes like Overwatch but also functions similar to Super Smash Bros. in that you have to knock opponents off the battlefield. Disintegration released in mid-June–the sci-fi first-person shooter takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where human brains have been transferred into robotic bodies. And if management sims are more your thing than shooters, you can also check out Two Point Hospital, a hospital sim that puts you in charge of hiring employees, expanding the hospital, making sure patients’ needs are met, and more.

Free Play Days: 7/30-8/2

  • Rocket Arena — $6 ($30) | free play on Xbox, Steam
    • Mythic edition — $10 ($40)
  • Disintegration — $30 ($50) | free play on Xbox, PS4, Steam
  • Two Point Hospital — $24 ($40) | free play on Xbox
  • The free-play weekend for Rocket Arena matches discounts that have already been available for the past week. The base game is currently just $5 on PSN and Origin, and you can grab the Mythic edition, which gets you added digital content, for $10 at Best Buy and Amazon. The game recently earned a 6/10 in GameSpot’s Rocket Arena review. Meanwhile, Disintegration earned a 7/10, and Two Point Hospital received an 8/10. Be sure to check out our reviews for more information on these games.

    As a reminder, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate still lets you sign up for your first month for $1, so if you’re interested in participating on Xbox, you can sign up for the free trial and start playing right away.

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