The Best VR Headsets You Can Buy Right Now (May 2020)

The Best VR Headsets You Can Buy Right Now (May 2020)

With Half-Life: Alyx’s release behind us, we’re now looking toward future VR releases, such as the upcoming PlayStation VR-exclusive Iron Man VR, which releases July 3. Marvel’s Iron Man VR puts you into Tony Stark’s suit and has you controlling it with the PSVR headset and Move controllers. It’s seen some delays over the past year, but now, we finally have a new release date. Iron Man VR is set for a July 3 release date, and if you’re looking to invest into PSVR before then, you’ll be happy to know the headset is in stock at some retailers–though, it’s unlikely you’ll find a deal any time soon.

As for other VR headsets, they’re a bit hard to find right now. Most headsets are sold out or available for backorder. You can find some headsets at a mark-up on Amazon, but we’d advise against purchasing any headset above its regular price.

Best VR headsets in stock right now

PlayStation VR Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf VR bundle

Best Buy currently has the PlayStation VR Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf bundle at its regular price of $350. It comes with everything you need for Iron Man VR, including the PSVR headset, Move controllers, and PlayStation Camera. It’s also bundled with two games that you can play while you wait for Marvel’s upcoming game: The VR action game Blood & Truth and the colourful golf game Everybody’s Golf VR. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find brand-new Move controllers, so if you’re interested in playing Iron Man VR, then we recommend going with this bundle. Thankfully, Sony has also confirmed that the PSVR headset will be compatible with the next-gen PS5.

PlayStation Move motion controllers

Iron Man VR requires two PlayStation Move controllers, but unfortunately, it’s difficult to find them in stock anywhere in the US. It’s unclear if they’ll be restocked before Iron Man VR’s launch date, so if you want to snag a pair on their own, you may need to go with pre-owned or refurbished Move controllers. GameStop has pre-owned Move wands in stock for $45 each. That’s not a great discount for pre-owned controllers, but it may be the only reasonable option at this time.

Oculus Quest | 128GB for $500

The Oculus Quest is currently sold out at most retailers, but it’s a good idea to sign up on the Oculus website to be notified of when the headset is in stock, as the website has listings for many major retailers. The Oculus Quest can be enjoyed completely wire-free, thanks to its inside-out tracking and dedicated store. However, if you snag a high-quality USB-C cable, you can also plug it into your PC and play Half-Life: Alyx and other PC VR games–we recommend Anker’s Powerline+ USB-C to USB 3.0 cable.

Valve Index | $999

New orders ship after 8 weeks

Though the game is compatible with a variety of VR devices, Half-Life: Alyx is designed with Valve’s own headset, the Index, in mind. That makes it the best way to experience the game, assuming you have the money to spend on this top-of-the-line machine. If you already have the base stations (Vive headset owners should have them), you can save yourself some cash. If you absolutely have to play Alyx the way it’s meant to be played, this is the way to do it.

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