The Blaseball team is taking a break

The Blaseball team is taking a break

After its third season, Blaseball is going on an extended siesta, taking a break for a week or two before returning.

“BLASEBALL WILL BE BACK,” developer The Game Band posted on the Blaseball homepage. “We plan to bring you more exciting action every week,” it said in the announcement. “But to do that, we need some time to fix bugs, add some features, make the machines bigger, and breathe. Our team is exhausted and overworked. We need a little time to recoup so Blaseball can come back stronger than ever.”

The Game Band noted on Twitter that it planned on returning “in a week or two.”


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Normally, a “siesta” in Blaseball refers to when the site goes down. The Blaseball Commissioner, who is always doing a very good job, will announce siestas that typically occur due to the servers being overloaded by lots of traffic. According to the commissioner, a siesta is the only time players can rest. Since games are almost constantly being played, except on Sundays, Blaseball sietsas are the only time the players get time off. (The players are practicing constantly on Sundays, so they don’t get to rest then.)

Blaseball has hit a massive following, gaining an incredibly creative fanbase that decides on the stories for the players and teams. The game focuses on players picking a Blaseball team, betting on the various teams, and then using the gained currency to vote on new rules and buffs that will take place during the next season, constantly changing the game.

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