The Witness is free on the Epic Games Store

The Witness is free on the Epic Games Store

The Witness is the latest free game available at the Epic Games Store, hitting digital shelves on Thursday, April 4. The indie puzzle game was just offered as a free title on PlayStation 4 with PlayStation Plus in March, but now PC owners who missed out on that promotion can get in on the action (without the need of a paid subscription).

Released in 2016, The Witness is a Myst-inspired open-world first-person puzzle game. It’s known for lush visuals and clever, if often frustrating, puzzles. In Polygon’s review, Justin McElroy wrote:

It’s a beautiful game and knowing that I finished it with minimal help actually does make me feel smarter. It also contains some subtle messages about human potential that I found surprisingly uplifting (when I wasn’t pulling my hair out).

In less than five months, Epic has established itself as a major contender in the PC gaming storefront space, which has largely been dominated by Steam. Other competitors like GOG and Humble have offered free games as well, though not at such a rapid pace. The Epic Games Store gives customers a new free game every two weeks. Previous free titles have included indie hits Super Meat Boy and What Remains of Edith Finch. The Witness replaced the last free game, Oxenfree.

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