Torchlight Frontiers: Railmaster Class Revealed

Torchlight Frontiers: Railmaster Class Revealed

Torchlight Frontiers, the third game in the beloved hack-and-slash action-RPG series from some of the original creators of Diablo, is introducing the Railmaster, a brand-new playable class.

The Railmaster sounds (and looks, if the trailer above is anything to go by) pretty awesome, as he has a pet dog and what effectively amounts to a pet train following him around all the time. The Railmaster joins the Dusk Mage and the Forge, and will be added to the currently running Closed Alpha playtest on April 23.

Publisher Perfect World describes the Railmaster thusly: “The Railmaster relies on a powerful train when exploring the Frontier, that and a really, really big hammer.” Stay tuned for more on this highly anticipated action-RPG!

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