Willem Dafoe and Daisy Ridley star in Annapurna’s time loop thriller Twelve Minutes

Willem Dafoe and Daisy Ridley star in Annapurna’s time loop thriller Twelve Minutes

A new Gamescom 2020 trailer for Twelve Minutes, the Groundhog Day-esque adventure game from indie developer Luis Antonio, introduces its cast of Hollywood stars.

The trailer is narrated by four-time Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe (Aquaman, The Florida Project), who has previously appeared in a number of video games, including Beyond: Two Souls. Twelve Minutes will also feature James McAvoy of the most recent X-Men franchise and Daisy Ridley of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

Dafoe’s character starts the trailer by asking the listener to imagine a flower, and then asks them to repeat three phrases silently: “May you be free from suffering, may you be free from fear, may you know peace and joy.” The footage over which this narration plays offers a glimpse into the fraught world of Twelve Minutes, which tells the story of a man who’s stuck reliving what may be the worst dozen minutes of his life — he and his wife are at home, preparing for a romantic evening, when a police detective bursts into their apartment and assaults them.

The trailer doesn’t make clear who’s playing which roles. But these are the only three characters who have been revealed, so it seems likely that the couple will be voiced by McAvoy and Ridley, while Dafoe will play the cop. It’s the first time we’ve seen the game since it showed up at Microsoft’s E3 2019 press briefing.

Twelve Minutes, which is being published by Annapurna Interactive, is scheduled to be released in 2020 on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Antonio, a veteran of AAA development at Rockstar and Ubisoft, began developing Twelve Minutes years ago while he was working as an artist on The Witness. I tried an early build of the game ages ago, and called it “the most interesting game I played at PAX East 2015.”

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