You can already preload Halo Infinite, sort of

You can already preload Halo Infinite, sort of

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, it looks like you can preinstall* Halo Infinite, a game launching a good three months from now.

(*You’ll be preinstalling what appears to be a 280.2 MB placeholder file, not a full build ready to play in the first minute of launch day or anything.)

Nonetheless, Halo fans and Xbox Game Pass subscribers took Microsoft up on the offer this morning, which right now isn’t much more than a preorder call to action. Halo Infinite launches Dec. 8 on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, and the preload offer verifies that it’ll be available the same day for Game Pass members, the same as Microsoft-published Forza Horizon 5, which also has a preloading option. The racing game launches Nov. 9.

Originally expected with the arrival of the Xbox Series X last year, Halo Infinite’s launch date was finally revealed a week ago at Gamescom. The game will arrive with a free-to-play multiplayer mode and a single-player campaign, but cooperative campaign multiplayer will have to wait for a post-release update.

343 Industries’ Gamescom presentation made no mention of Halo Infinite’s campaign, which some fans found worrying. Infinite’s creative director followed up with a post the next day saying that the campaign is finished and feature complete, and that the developers are just busy finding and wiping out bugs and getting the game ready for release.

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