Apex Legends season 2 adds new weapon, skins, and Legend in the Battle Pass

Apex Legends season 2 adds new weapon, skins, and Legend in the Battle Pass

At EA Play 2019, Respawn Entertainment gave us our first look at the new Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass and a lot of new content. The pass will be called Battle Charge and the season will include a new weapon, a new Legend named Wattson, and a “new way to play the game.”

The game’s new weapon was the first thing that Respawn showed off. The weapon is called the L-Star — a fan favorite gun from Titanfall 2. The weapon is a bit like a heavy assault rifle that’s going to do significantly more damage than any other rifle in the game. In fact, the gun will only be available from Care Packages, just like the Kraber and the Mastiff.


Apex Legends’ newest character, Wattson: Everything you need to know

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As part of the actual Battle Pass reveal at EA Play 2019, we learned that it would take much less time for players to reach level 100. Respawn had previously announced that the Pass would include challenges, rather than just XP, and that it would include four legendary skins, including the Prince of Darkness skin for Caustic and a Jade Tiger skin for Octane. There will also be a Spitfire skin called The Intimidator and the Iron Rampage skin for the R-301.

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Respawn also announced that the new season would include a brand-new ranked mode that should help players compete at a higher level. Ranked modes are rare for battle royale games, in part because of the difficulty of matching so many players together at similar ranks.

Finally, Respawn announced Wattson, Apex Legends’ tenth character. The character was introduced in the game’s first lore cinematic; she’s a brilliant scientist and a master engineer, and it looks like she’ll put those skills to good use when she drops into Kings Canyon. Wattson appears to be able to place defensive walls of electricity to help control the area around her during battle.

Apex Legends’ season 2 Battle Pass will release shortly after the end of season 1. While Respawn didn’t directly discuss the price of the pass, season 1’s pass cost about $9.50, so it’s likely that season 2’s will be priced similarly.

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