Best Buy is just giving PlayStation Classics away now

Best Buy is just giving PlayStation Classics away now

If you’re in the market for a new PlayStation console, Best Buy is offering a heck of a two-for-one sale. The retailer will throw in a PlayStation Classic for free with a PlayStation 4 Pro purchase on Monday, April 29, only.

When Sony launched the PlayStation Classic, its attempt to harness the nostalgia-fueled success of Nintendo’s NES Classic, the system fell far short of expectations. Most of the 20 included games are not classics by any means, the decidedly bare-bones user interface can be frustrating, and the emulation is at times bafflingly bad.

The PlayStation Classic launched in November for $99.99, which is a lot to ask for what is essentially an emulator encased in a small hunk of plastic, especially one without beloved PS1 games like Tomb Raider or Crash Bandicoot. PlayStation Classic consoles got a permanent $40 price drop just a month after launch, which is what the NES Classic launched for. Prices have been steadily declining in price since then, going as low as $39.99.

Forty dollars is a bit more realistic for the console — it’s not a must-have device by any means, but if the only thing holding you back is the poor game selection, it’s relatively easy to add games. Right now, though, it’s free with a PlayStation 4 Pro, meaning Sony fans who need a console upgrade can also get an extra jolt of nostalgia without having to justify spending extra money on a poorly reviewed product.

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