Destiny 2 goes full anime with new Dragon Ball Z emote

Destiny 2 goes full anime with new Dragon Ball Z emote

While you were off playing other video games, Destiny 2 went full anime. As part of the new Season of Opulence cosmetics, Bungie added a multiplayer emote in the style of Dragon Ball Z’s fusion dance.

Multiplayer emotes in Destiny 2 involve two players. The first suggests grouping up, and any nearby player can accept the emote invitation. In this case, both players stand next to each other, wiggle their arms a bit in unison, and then put their fists together.

The emote doesn’t replicate the fusion dance moves perfectly, and only invokes the spirit of one of Dragon Ball’s most powerful techniques. And sadly, the two Guardians don’t merge into one Cronenbergian nightmare after incorrectly forming the technique.

Here’s what it looks like in game, thanks to YouTuber ATX609.

The fusion dance is one of the more silly ideas in Dragon Ball Z. The idea is that two fighters, perfectly in sync, can fuse into one super fighter. Goten and Trunks (Goku and Vegeta’s sons) use this move frequently to become Gotenks, doubling their power and ’tude.

Goku and Vegeta also use this tactic in the new Broly movie to become Gogeta (Don’t confuse them with Vegito, which is when the two fuse wearing potara earnings; look, you clicked on this article, don’t blame us).

The Destiny 2 fusion dance, called “Link Up”, is currently on sale in the in-game Eververse shop for 800 Silver (about eight bucks worth of Destiny’s paid currency). It’s unclear if Bungie will ever offer it for Bright Dust, the Eververse currency players earn through playing.

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