Nioh 2 Pre-Order Bonuses, Special Edition, Release Date, And More (PS4)

Nioh 2 Pre-Order Bonuses, Special Edition, Release Date, And More (PS4)

Nioh is a punishing action game set in Sengoku-era Japan. Created by Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive developer Team Ninja, it proved successful enough to warrant a second game. Nioh 2 is set to release March 13 on PS4 and in November for PC. If you’re a fan of the original or are just looking for something to test your mettle, you can pre-order multiple editions of the game ahead of launch.

Though we thoroughly recommend playing the original–GameSpot awarded it a 9/10 in our Nioh review–you will be able to enjoy Nioh 2 without any previous knowledge of the first game’s events. Set in 1555, Nioh 2 is technically a prequel and stars a nameless mercenary who happens to be part human, part yokai, which are supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore.

From what we know so far, the story sees the protagonist square off against yokai during a critical juncture in a widespread conflict across Japan. We know Nioh 2 will use real historical figures throughout the adventure. Even the protagonist appears to be connected to historical figures, as it’s said that the part-human side will be Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a samurai and ruler who is known for bringing the Sengoku period to a close. This fact is quite fascinating considering you’ll actually get to create your character in Nioh 2, so we’re curious to see how the real-life connections will play out.

Nioh 2’s combat mechanics will build off of the success of the original. Your player-created character can use four different fighting styles, including the familiar Ninja, Samurai, and Onmyo Magic styles, and the new Shiftling style that makes use of the protagonist’s yokai background. In addition to the weapons featured in the first game, you’ll also be able to use Dual Hatchets and the Switchglaive, which has multiple configurations that you can cycle through. A closed alpha and open beta in 2019 showed off the new combat mechanics, and you can read more in our Nioh 2 preview.

Expect Nioh 2 to have a lengthy adventure, and this time around, you’ll be able to get help from a pair of friends in co-op (the original only had two-player co-op). Since Nioh 2 figures to provide a tough challenge similar to its predecessor, the more the merrier.

Ahead of Nioh 2’s March 13 launch on PS4, we rounded up all of the pre-order details you need to know below, including pre-order bonuses and the editions you can choose from. If you need to catch up, Amazon has the original game discounted to $10 right now.

Nioh 2 pre-order bonuses

Pre-ordering either a physical or digital copy of Nioh 2 will grant access to a number of bonuses. You’ll get the Demon Horde Armor set, Sudama Netsuke Charm, a PS4 theme, and three Nioh 2 PlayStation avatars.

Pre-order Nioh 2 standard edition

The $60 standard edition comes with all of the above pre-order bonuses and is available in both physical and digital formats.

Pre-order Nioh 2 Special Edition

The $80 Nioh 2 Special Edition comes with all of the pre-order bonuses, a steelbook case, art book, and season pass giving you access to post-launch DLC.

Pre-order Nioh 2 Digital Deluxe Edition

The $80 Digital Deluxe Edition is the Special Edition without the steelbook case and art book. While you still get the season pass and pre-order bonuses, you’re definitely better off grabbing the Special Edition. However, if you really prefer digital copies of games, you can pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition at the PlayStation Store.

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