Spelunky 2 is coming Sept. 15

Spelunky 2 is coming Sept. 15

During PlayStation’s State of Play on Thursday, Spelunky developer Derek Yu revealed more details on Spelunky 2, including a release date: Sept. 15.

In the new trailer, Yu talks about bringing new fans into the world of Spelunky while also catering to what older players loved. In Spelunky 2, players can group up online to play together and spread the Spelunky experience.

The trailer shows off all kinds of new locales, including outer space, a bee hive, and some kind of hell-like dungeon. In these areas, players can encounter new characters and build an in-game family of explorers.

The sequel boasts a host of new features, like levers to interact with the world, ridable turkeys, new ways to shop, and we’re pretty sure we saw a walrus in a dress at one point. Players can also use a bunch of new items, like the clone gun, which clones whatever is in front of you — including sacrifices and healing companions, like the dog.

Being Spelunky, Yu promised plenty of surprises to discover when Mossmouth and Blitworks release Spelunky 2 in September for PlayStation 4. Spelunky 2 will also come to Steam.

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