The Last Of Us 2 Was Featured On Jeopardy

The Last Of Us 2 Was Featured On Jeopardy

Recently, an episode of Jeopardy featured some footage from The Last of Us Part II as a question on the show.

Contestants were given the clue, “The long awaited, upcoming sequel to this PlayStation game revisits Ellie and Joel after a cross country trek filled with zombies.” The clue was narrated over some footage of Ellie and Joel in the sequel, showing only a few seconds of what appeared to be an overgrown city. These clips have been shown already, at a preview event in Los Angeles late last year.

Video games have turned up as questions or topics in Jeopardy before, with Pokemon being a whole category back in December 2019.

The Last of Us Part II was originally set to release on the PS4 on February 21, but has since been delayed due to issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently the game has no set release date.

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