Ubisoft adds Rabbids to For Honor, unicorns and teddy bears to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft adds Rabbids to For Honor, unicorns and teddy bears to Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is leaning in hard on April Fools’ Day gags this year in both historical melee-action game For Honor and tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

A new event available for 24 hours in For Honor brings Rabbids to the otherwise deadly serious action game. Players will be able to fight against and fight alongside Raving Rabbids, who are decked out in the armor of knights, samurai, and vikings, but armed with plungers and toilet brushes.

For Honor’s Rabbids-themed mini-event began at midnight ET on April 1 and will end at the same time on April 2. Players who take part in the April Fools’ Day event will receive a melee pack as a reward.

Rainbow Six Siege is running with its joke for a full week. Dubbed Rainbow Is Magic, the event will send players on a rescue mission to save a teddy bear from its captors on a reimagined version of the Plane map.


As you can see from the Rainbow Is Magic trailer, Rainbow Six Siege has been slathered in pink and My Little Pony-esque unicorns for the event. Players will get access to 17 event-exclusive items that are “all about toys, unicorns and .. tactical cuteness,” according to Ubisoft.

Full Rainbow Is Magic outfits are available for Rainbow Six operators Smoke, Tachanka, Montagne, and Blackbeard. Players can choose from a total of 13 operators, Ubisoft says, “reimagined as toy soldiers and plushies, including Recruit, Montagne, Blackbeard, Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Sledge, Smoke, Castle, Kapkan, Bandit, Frost, and … Tachanka.”

Rainbow Six Siege players that log in during the Rainbow Is Magic event will receive a free rainbow from the new Magic Collection pack, and can earn more by completing challenges. Rainbow is Magic runs from April 1-8.

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