Warframe’s infested moon is now twice as scary for Halloween

Warframe’s infested moon is now twice as scary for Halloween

It’s Halloween, but Warframe’s most recent content hub is already pretty scary. How can things on the infested moon of Mars, where the entire planet is now a writhing, living morass of flesh and decay, get scarier? The cast of characters are already damned to a half-existence inside giant fleshbulbs. Don’t worry, though, because they’ve found a way to celebrate the season in the new Nights of Naberus update.

Naberus is the Warframe version of Halloween, and the character Daughter will be dressing up in a seasonal costume to hand out goodies for players in exchange for Mother Tokens.


Players can unlock glyphs, skins, and blueprints up until Nov. 9 at 2 p.m. EDT. There’ll also be a “Whispering Naberus Mobile,” which allows players to listen to a radio style-drama tale narrated by the character called Grandmother.

The update includes remastered lighting and textures on console, as well as changes to the new Xaku Warframe. There’ll also be new skins for the Necromech and Velocipod, two new tools brought to the game in Heart of Deimos. Deimos is a continually updating area; Nights of Naberus is a small-scale update mostly for fun and flavor, while future updates will bring more lore and expand on gameplay systems.

Nights of Naberus is live on all platforms starting Thursday, and the full list of new additions is available on the official Warframe site.

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