Watch new gameplay of the Demon’s Souls remake for PS5

Watch new gameplay of the Demon’s Souls remake for PS5

Bluepoint Games’ remake of Demon’s Souls is coming to PlayStation 5, and Sony debuted new gameplay of the next-gen game during a livestream on Wednesday.

Demon’s Souls for PS5 was revealed in June. Sony says the remake has been “entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced” for the next-gen PlayStation.

The original Demon’s Souls was released for PlayStation 3 in 2009. The action role-playing game bucked game design trends of the time, focusing on challenging gameplay and a stark narrative set against a gloomy, medieval European backdrop. The player assumes the role of a warrior exploring the kingdom of Boletaria, a land shrouded in fog and overrun by demons. Players must vanquish the demons throughout Boletaria, consuming their souls to become stronger before facing the Old One, an ancient evil.

Demon’s Souls’ unusual mechanics and its groundbreaking multiplayer helped the game find a wide audience, despite its opaque design. Its success spawned the Dark Souls series and helped game director Hidetaka Miyazaki ascend to the position of president of FromSoftware. FromSoftware is currently developing a new game, Elden Ring.

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