A Musical Story is a unique short but sweet cartoon rhythm game on PS5

A Musical Story is a unique short but sweet cartoon rhythm game on PS5

This budget game tries to offer a unique insight into musicianship while constantly teasing you to play on by dangling an unfolding story ahead.

A Musical Story involves you playing melodies successfully to unlock new memories as you slowly strip back the onion to tell the story of a 70s band on the road.

The gameplay looks unique at first but is actually well-trodden ground.

It recalls the likes of hit naughties game Guitar Hero, as you’re tasked with pressing down certain button combinations in rhythm to the excellent soundtrack.

Once you complete a full wheel of actions it unlocks the next part in your group’s road-movie style journey.

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There’s no text or dialogue.

The entire story is told through the game’s original music, influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Air, and distinct 8-bit like animated art style.

It works well and the developers do a decent job in setting up a love story that eventually turns to tragedy.

But it is a one-trick pony, and gamers will soon grow bored of the call-and-repeat gameplay that effectively boils down to pressing the same two buttons over and over.

While it looks cool, and the music is outstanding, there’s not enough here to keep players chugging along for too long.

If you’re looking for a game you can bash away to in an afternoon and then never return to, this might be your next purchase.

For music lovers who can’t play instruments, keen on perhaps learning how songs pull together, this will appeal.

But for gamers looking at an indie purchase with longevity and diversity of gameplay, it’s best to avoid.


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