Another World and From Dust Creator Reveals PlayStation VR Title Paper Beast

Another World and From Dust Creator Reveals PlayStation VR Title Paper Beast

PlayStation VR owners have already got lots to look forward to this year, with plenty of titles revealed during Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) State of Play broadcast last month. Today, legendary designer behind Another World and From Dust,  Eric Chahi, has revealed an interesting looking virtual reality (VR) project called Paper Beast.  

Described by Pixel Reef as a ‘playful exploration game’, Paper Beast’s plot involves the vast memory of a data server, where deep within its core an ecosystem has emerged. “Decades of lost code and algorithms have accumulated in the eddies and flows of the Internet. A small bubble of life has blossomed. Paper Beast is born,” explains Chahi.

With what looks like vast open worlds to explore with rolling sand dunes, sheer cliffs and strange creatures inhabiting these plans, Paper Beast creates a virtual world for players to explore filled with unusual remnants of forgotten data. There’s no core narrative as such, instead, players interact with fascinating wildlife that adapts its behaviour to their actions.

“We are thrilled to reveal Paper Beast to you,” Chahi says in a statement. “With this new game, we wanted to create a complete ecosystem, born from the hidden confines of big data. The players will be our explorers, setting out on a creative journey through the spectacles of a virgin world. With the fantastic team at my new studio Pixel Reef, we have found the creative freedom to really delve deep and use the latest technology to tell Paper Beast’s story. We can’t wait to share our game.”

“We will tell you a story, but the narration is unspoken,” Chahi notes on PlayStation Blog. “Through the events of the world, their pacing, the story unfolds. Much like Another World, there is no text or dialogue. There is only the environment, and you will feel immediately connected to it. Our physics system enriches the experience through simple interaction and manipulation of the environment.”

The team at Pixel Reef has been working on Paper Be ast for three years, and a re now close to the end with the title set for a release later in 2019 for PlayStation VR. As further details emerge, VRFocus will let you know.

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