Datamined Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack Mentions 'VR Menu'

Datamined Final Fantasy VII Remake Soundtrack Mentions 'VR Menu'

We’re a little late to notice this one, but some of the datamining surrounding the recently-leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake demo gives us hope for some VR features.

A supposed soundtrack for the game was apparently gleamed by dataminers that also managed to download the unannounced demo early. The tracklisting refers to various sections of the demo but, the last track mentions a ‘VR Menu’.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Music Soundtrack tracklist are as follows in case any is wondering.

— PKRadiance🔆 (@SuperJamaalrio) January 13, 2020

Consider our eyebrows raised.

This could, of course, mean absolutely nothing; Final Fantasy VII Remake is just a few months away from launch (though it was just delayed), and we haven’t seen any official announcements about VR support yet.

But developer Square Enix has a promising track record with VR and, most notably, Sony’s PSVR headset. A few years back it released an entirely original Final Fantasy VR game in Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. It span out of the JRPG with its very own fishing game, starring characters from the main title.

We seriously doubt, however, that the main version of Final Fantasy VII Remake would get full VR support. The game is played in third-person, for starters, and its already pushing the PS4 to its limits without adding in PSVR support on top. The game might come to PCs at some point, but we still wouldn’t hold our breath for full support there.

Instead, if we had to make a guess, we’d say this would be closer to the Kingdom Hearts 3 VR experience Square Enix released surrounding the game’s launch in 2019. That app revisited moments from the series’ past in VR for the first time, and eventually got an update adding more interactive elements. It could be that we could get another free PSVR app filled with iconic scenes and minigames. Sure, it wouldn’t be the full experience, but it’s something, right?

Again, though, that’s all just speculation. We’ll keep out fingers crossed for now. Would you play a Final Fantasy VII Remake VR spin-off? Let us know in the comments below!

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