Days Gone Pre-order: How to unlock ALL Days Gone pre-order bonuses

Days Gone Pre-order: How to unlock ALL Days Gone pre-order bonuses

What are the PlayStation Store pre-order bonuses?

If you pre-ordered a digital copy from the PlayStation store, you’ll receive a dynamic theme to download for your PlayStation home screen background. The background depicts the Sawmill, a key location in Days Gone.

If you pre-ordered the Days Gone Digital Deluxe edition you’ll receive all the items listed above, as well as a digital art book and digital soundtrack.

You will also receive the ‘Deacon vs the Horde’ dynamic theme, three drifter bike skins to decorate your bike with, and the Money Wrench Skill.

What are the Collector’s edition pre-order bonuses?

The final edition, the Collector’s edition comes with all of the above but with physical content including a statuette, steel book, six collector’s pins and more besides.

So, the big question is how do you unlock these in-game bonus items?

How to unlock all Days Gone pre-order bonuses

At the start of the ‘Drifters On The Mountain’ mission, you’ll be told to open the gun locker just in front of Deacon. Open the gun locker by holding square and select the special tab, this will open the crossbow section.

You’ll see the normal crossbow with the slightly better pre-order bonus Drifter Crossbow right next to it. Simply select the Drifter Crossbow and then use the touchpad to open your inventory to add it your arsenal.

Once you’ve completed the ‘Drifters on The Mountain’ story mission, you’ll head to Copeland Camp where you need to talk to the mechanic Manny to unlock the next series of pre-order items.

Firstly, select the performance tab by moving along the options until you come across the Fuel Tank. Once this is open, select Gas Tank I (in some cases this may already be equipped).

Exit the fuel tank option and select the Nitrous tab, selecting the Nitrous I option (once more you may already have this installed on your bike). Exit the performance tab and click on the visual option, now you’ll want to select Shroud which is the final tab in the line. Click on it and select Shroud I.

Players who have pre-ordered the deluxe edition will have access to the three different bike skins which don’t offer any physical performance increases but do make Deacon’s bike stand out.

If you have this edition installed head to the mechanic shop and pick the paint tab and then select decals. Pressing R2 will open the custom decals bar where you’ll be able to find the three exclusive pre-order bonuses.

Finally, you’ll want to know where to find the Money Wrench skill which will have automatically unlocked with your download of the game. Using the touchpad, draw a line downwards to open the skills tab. The Money Wrench skill is under the survival tab and enables Deacon to improve his bike repair skills and makes scrap go further. 

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