E3 2019 Interview: Don’t Make a Sound as nDreams Talk Phantom: Covert Ops

E3 2019 Interview: Don’t Make a Sound as nDreams Talk Phantom: Covert Ops

nDreams, the British virtual reality (VR) studio behind videogames like The Assembly, Perfect, Shooty Fruity and Danger Goat is currently working on a kayak-based stealth experience called Phantom: Covert Ops. The studio attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year so naturally, VRFocus wanted to learn more about what the team has planned.

The studio only revealed the title just over a month ago, mixing both first-person shooter (FPS) mechanics with kayaking – which to VRFocus’ knowledge is a first for VR. As you may expect, you play an elite operative tasked with infiltrating a Cold War naval facility to prevent a rogue militia from launching a global attack. And it just so happens that the facility is completely waterlogged, allowing you to navigate the environment at will.

So the entire experience takes place inside the kayak – there’s no hopping out by the looks of it – and that’s fine because you have everything conveniently placed around the kayak for optimal infiltration. Need a sniper rifle, that’s on board. Need a silenced pistol, yeah that’s to hand. How about some C4 for when you want to create a mess, no problem. All the while you’re paddling away being super sneaky.

Well, you can be stealthy if you choose to be. In Phantom: Covert Ops you can take the subtle approach, hiding in the reeds until enemies go past, taking them out individually when no one else is looking. Or don’t, and start throwing C4 like it was bread for the ducks, creating some sort of scene from any number of war movies whilst unleashing a hail of bullets. The choice is up to you.

Certainly, an interesting concept which is designed to be seated and comfortable for lots of players, VRFocus spoke with Phantom: Covert Ops’ Game Director Lewis Brundish to understand the background behind the title and what players could expect from it.

Check out the full interview below, or take a look at VRFocus’ other interviews from E3 2019 with Oculus’ Jason Rubin, Vertigo Games, Gearbox Software, Ready at Dawn and Digital Lode. For further Phantom: Covert Ops updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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