Former Activision and THQ Veteran’s to Release WWII FPS Winter Fury: Longest Road in May

Former Activision and THQ Veteran’s to Release WWII FPS Winter Fury: Longest Road in May

There are plenty of military-style virtual reality (VR) videogames about like Final Assault, Front Defense and Onward for example, with WWII a popular era. However, there aren’t that many which put you in control of a tank most of the time. That’s soon about to change with the release of Winter Fury: Longest Road at the end of the month. 

Created by Spidermonk Entertainment and staffed by former Activision and THQ veteran’s, Winter Fury: Longest Road is an action-packed first-person shooter (FPS) dropping you into the heart of Europe during World War II. The premise for the story goes that a German Blitzkrieg is approaching an Allied front and for some inexplicable reason you’re the only one who can stop it in a classified, experimental M-4 Sherman tank.

General gameplay involves driving the M-4 in third-person, using its formidable cannon to take out bunkers and destroy enemy tanks, while the .50 caliber machine gun can be used to mow down infantry. Or when you really want to get your hands dirty and really risk death then you can always leave the tank and fight with rifles, machine guns and handguns. Then grab a scoped rifle for some long range headshots or find mountable heavy machine guns, grenades and other unlockable weapons.

“Winter Fury combines unparalleled VR tank-fighting action with advanced foot soldier warfare,” said Scott March, founder of Spidermonk Entertainment in a statement. “We wanted to bring an authentic World War 2 action game and virtual reality is the perfect platform.”

After all that you may want rest but no there’s more. Battle against intimidating bosses like Tiger tanks, Steam Trains, and Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft across a range of missions which will test your tank skills.

Winter Fury: Longest Road is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on 30th May 2017, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It’ll feature 6 missions with players ranked on time and accuracy. During Early Access the team plan on adding more levels and weapons in preparation to fully launch the videogame. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Winter Fury: Longest Road as development continues, reporting back with further updates.

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