Go US West Coast Fishing in Real VR Fishing’s Upcoming DLC

Go US West Coast Fishing in Real VR Fishing’s Upcoming DLC

MirageSoft’s Real VR Fishing has provided Meta Quest owners with a realistic simulator for the past couple of years and in a couple of weeks, players will be able to make it a whole lot bigger. The studio is set to release its first DLC, taking fishing fans to the west coast of America, providing new locations, fish species and more.

The Real VR Fishing US West DLC will be the first time the videogame will offer locations outside of South Korea, with a total of 20 new locations to enjoy. These are split between real-world freshwater and saltwater locations, such as Yosemite Park, Bay Bridge and the Grand Canyon. And with Real VR Fishing’s multiplayer mode you can be joined by friends and family, all relaxing next to calm blue waters.

New locations mean new fish to catch, 76 in fact, 36 freshwater species including Green sturgeon, Northern pike, and Tiger Muskie; while saltwater species include Great White shark, Sixgill Shark, and Pacific SailFish. So there are plenty of challenging catches to be had.

The DLC will also add a world map to switch between locations and see the introduction of a fishing level system for the US locations. “Players raise their level for the US West as if they are starting the Real VR Fishing for the first time,” the team explains.

“US West DLC is not only a map extension but also a new starting point for Real VR Fishing,” said MirageSoft in a statement. “The goal of Real VR Fishing is to allow players to fish in all fishing spots around the world. The US West DLC is the first footprint for this project.”

US West DLC Fishing Locations

  • 15 Freshwater locations
    • Yosemite Valley
    • Lake Tahoe
    • Marron Lake
    • Lake San Cristobal
    • Redfish Lake
    • Two Medicine Lake
    • Colorado River
    • Russell Lake
    • Wallowa Lake
    • Eastside Willamette River
    • Barclay Lake
    • Crater Lake
    • Holden Lake
    • Lake Marie
    • Beartooth Lake
  • 5 Saltwater locations
    • Cannon Beach
    • Santa Monica Pier
    • Big Sur Coast
    • San Francisco Bay
    • O’ahu Island
    • The Real VR Fishing US West DLC will be available for Oculus Quest from 16th December 2021, priced at $11.99 USD. Check out the teaser trailer below and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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