Loki Might Already Be In WandaVision

Loki Might Already Be In WandaVision

A lot of the big theories on WandaVision just aren’t doing it for me. I’ve already written about how there’s no time or reason for the House of M to enter the equation, and I reject the popular theory that Agnes is secretly the villain of the whole thing. The show has winked at it a little too much, and by now the writers at Marvel Studios are acutely aware of how every frame is being microscopically scanned by millions of fans. That’s actually why I think the Fantastic Four might arrive soon, because any references to them have been fleeting and subtle, whereas Agnes has worn a flashing neon sign saying “I’m the baddie” in every appearance. I think it’s all a red herring.

Could her as-yet-unseen husband provide a late-series twist? Yeah, maybe. He might even be Mephisto, although we’ve all already guessed that so I hope he’s not (even though Mephisto is ace). What’s more interesting than her off-screen beau is Quicksilver, because he’s thrown up so many questions that nobody seems to know the answer to.

Is he basically the MCU Pietro, but now looks like the Fox version? Is he the Fox version entirely, brought across from an alternate reality to fill the hole in Wanda’s heart? Or is he a strange, cosmic mix of the two with a double set of memories rattling around in his speedy little head? Even setting that question aside, Quicksilver is bursting with mystery. Wanda claims she didn’t bring him to Westview, but is she lying? If not, who did? And either way, how is he the only one aware that this is all a sitcom? Also, is he a one-off, or a gateway character for the rest of the X-Men? Then there’s the wedge he’s driving between Vision, Wanda, and the kids. Is he really just doing it for some on-screen drama like he says, or is this part of a larger plot? Maybe he’s just an asshole, which would fit his Fox characterisation pretty well.

I’m about to throw another question in the mix. Is Quicksilver Loki?

I know there was a time when that was the en vogue theory for every mysterious character in the MCU, but this time it actually makes sense, and part of the reason is that the trend has passed. No one expects him to be Loki now. Through Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War, Loki experienced something of a redemption arc. He was still the same, mischievous trickster God, but he shifted from villain to anti-hero, and was the first major character to die at Thanos’ hand in Infinity War. In fact, we were so used to Loki wriggling out of any situation he found himself in that prior to Endgame, speculation was rife that he wasn’t really dead. It must have been an illusion, he must have been working for Thanos again, or he secretly tricked Thanos or… something? Right?! Nope. Dead.

Well, sort of. Thanks to Endgame’s time travel tech, Loki came back to our screens, but not the Loki from Ragnarok. Instead, it was the much earlier Loki from the first Avengers movie, from before his redemption arc. The Loki who was a bit of a bastard, figuratively and literally.

What’s more, he disappeared with the Tesseract, meaning he had the ability to jump between universes. He might have even visited the Fox universe, and so knows what their Quicksilver looks like, and how to imitate him for Wanda. In character, there’s probably a reason for this, but just as a TV show, having Loki in WandaVision is the perfect way to set up his own upcoming series.

You might argue that the Loki show doesn’t need to be set up, with the character already being so well known in the Marvel fandom. But this is the MCU we’re talking about. Characters aren’t even allowed to tie their shoelaces without it being foreshadowed two years earlier in a post-credits sequence. It would be incredibly unusual for Loki to just appear on Disney+ with no build up, and perhaps the main reason we’ve seen nothing more than the title font is because the trailer has been running every Friday for the past month in the form of WandaVision.

The Loki who Tesseracts off in Avengers might not know Wanda and have no reason to want revenge on her, but he may well have met her in another timeline, and specifically chosen this one where she’s the most broken, to torment her. That could also be why his memory of the pair of them trick-or-treating had Wanda dressed as the fallen Black Widow, to try and exploit a chink in her armour.

Quicksilver being Loki isn’t the only explanation, but it is one that serves to answer most of the big questions. The Tesseract allows him entry to the Hex without being mind-controlled by its powers, and also explains how he knows what the Fox continuity’s version of the character looks like. Loki’s whole deal is changing his appearance, and it’s a trick he’s pulled many times before, so it also explains why Quicksilver looked dead and riddled with bullets in last week’s episode. As for why he looks like Evan Peters instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, I think there are a few explanations. It might have been a solution to Taylor-Johnson not wanting to come back – I have no idea if he was asked – or could be a way of letting the audience know that someday soon the X-Men are coming. In-universe, choosing a Quicksilver who is not the Quicksilver is a good way to mess with Wanda, and you have to imagine Loki has some specific reason for doing that besides petty revenge. Vision’s Infinity Stone, perhaps?

Quicksilver could also be a Skrull, but that would be a bit naff since that’s the exact same twist as Spider-Man: Far From Home. Just in case he is though, you can swap ‘Loki’ for ‘Skrull’ in most of the arguments and it still holds up. I’d much rather he was Loki though.

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