Omelette You Know That Eggcelerate! Is A Good Racing Game That Could Be Perfect On Nintendo Switch

Omelette You Know That Eggcelerate! Is A Good Racing Game That Could Be Perfect On Nintendo Switch

Easter has come and gone this year, but there’s still plenty of reason to celebrate, as Eggcelerate! has egg-rolled its way onto PC, available right now on Steam. Coming from sole-indie developer, Tim Beaudet, 15, while seeming like it would be a perfect game for Nintendo Switch.

The premise of Eggcelerate! is simple: drive from point A to point B as fast as you can while keeping the egg within the basket (or spoon, or bucket) that is affixed to the top of your vehicle. This is easier said than done, of course, especially with the obstacles that need to be avoided – like massive mallets, logs in the middle of the road, and windmills that can knock your vehicle off course, along with launching your egg far into the distance before smashing on the ground. Serpentining tracks and jumps add to the challenge, requiring you to be cautious while driving as fast as you can.

Levels aren’t very long, but provide enough challenge to keep things interesting. There are more than a few levels that I struggled with in terms of maintaining a fast-yet-careful balance. Sometimes, my frustration levels can get pretty high, but it’s all generally self-inflicted, especially since the controls of the game are as tight as they are simple. It’s not quite a title that falls within the masocore genre, but I think it could definitely be mentioned in the same breath.

What keeps me playing Eggcelerate! is its humor. As simple as the game and its aesthetics are, it’s absolutely hilarious to watch my car, truck, or van (which is randomly generated with each new run) get knocked around. It’s even funnier watching the egg bounce around – sometimes one or two times on the hood of the vehicle before soaring into the air and splattering on the ground.

What’s more, it’s especially satisfying when successfully landing a jump. These jumps send your vehicle flying over a gap to land on the other side. The egg also goes flying from its basket, leaving you responsible for catching it as you land. It’s pretty difficult to do so, especially when a sharp turn follows the jump. Jumps are the biggest bottlenecks in the game, which makes successfully completing a jump feel like such an accomplishment.

Eggcelerate! plays great on PC, but I can’t help but feel like it would be a perfect game on the Switch. The simple premise and controls would be a great addition to Nintendo’s portable device, especially as a title that would offer up a fun and accessible experience for the Switch’s younger audience.

Eggcelerate! isn’t going to blow anyone away with its gameplay or visuals, but it’s a fun game for when you’re in need of a simple game, or something that’ll get your finger’s warmed up for a night of gaming. There’s nothing rotten about Eggcelerate!, a racing title that definitely needs to fry up a port to Nintendo Switch.

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