Pokémon Snap is cute, fun and brilliantly different on the Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Snap is cute, fun and brilliantly different on the Nintendo Switch

Pokémon games are always warmly welcomed and this clever little title is another cracker for Nintendo’s handheld.

The premise is simple, travel around various areas of a cutesy safari land snapping pictures of Pokémon when you spot them in the wilds.

But the delivery is classic Nintendo and great fun.

There are literally hundreds of Pokémon to seek out and you’ll get better points from your mentor Professor Mirror depending on how close you get to them and what they’re caught doing in your pictures.

The original Snap game on Nintendo 64 was 22 years ago and limited in its offerings.

But this game, thanks to the Switch’s modern power, allows for endless fun and variety in the creatures you’re out to track.

There’s an incredibly rewarding feeling as you sit being driven around a safari zone prepped to spot the perfect picture moment of a rare Pokémon posing in an unexpected manner.

Suddenly there's a Pikachu in all its glory, posing for the camera and eating away. Snap! – perfect.

The cartoony design adds to the aesthetic and makes the whole game feel warm and comforting.

And the detailed and varied environments, from lush forested areas to underwater seabeds, are a feast for the eyes on both handheld mode and in full glory on the telly.

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You get to use a scanner to explore the environment and find Pokémon hidden out of sight, then you can toss a tasty fluffruit treat to a critter for that perfect photo-op, or – when the opportunity presents itself – throw an Illumina orb at them for dazzling encounters full of light and glowing cuties.

It really is great fun and very different to most other games out there right now on the more serious consoles.

Thanks to online you can now jazz up your photos directly from your ‘Photodex’ library by applying filters, adding stamps, additional effects, and frames for some extra flair.

Once your photo is ready you visit Professor Mirror’s lab to share it over the web and wow other players in the community.

It’s bound to light up many a social media channel in the coming months as gamers try to outdo each other with rare Pokémon in even rarer shots.

It’s a calming, relatively tranquil game with a huge addictiveness at its core and a desire among players to come back and try to snap an ever-better picture perfect moment.


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