Rainbow Six Siege: The Best Operators For Beginners

Rainbow Six Siege: The Best Operators For Beginners

Diving into a new online game can be daunting, especially if has over 50 playable characters — as is the case for Rainbow Six Siege. Knowing the ins and outs of each operator is key to a successful round, and newcomers should make it a priority to understand the gadgets of both Attackers and Defenders.

When it comes to selecting their own operator, however, beginners should select these easy-to-learn characters. While they certainly aren’t the best operators for professional players, they offer a great starting point for gamers of all levels.

One of the biggest draws of Rainbow Six Siege is its destructible environments. New players can jump right into the chaos with Sledge, as he brings with a massive sledgehammer that can take down most walls that aren’t fortified. It’s an incredibly simple tool to use but will give your entire team new angles of attack. Be sure to stick with your team during the match so they can help give you directions on what to demolish and when to do so.

The L85A2 assault rifle is also a great starter weapon and any FPS player should feel right at home while using it. Mess around with all the different attachments to see what works best with your playstyle, but it’s highly recommended to at least use the vertical grip.


If you want to launch a surprise assault on the Defenders, then this is the operator for you. Unlike Sledge, Thermite can destroy fortified walls. This gives Attackers a huge advantage. Too often Defenders will see reinforced walls as a “safe space” and put them in strategic locations. Once you blow these walls open, you’ll usually have a direct line of fire on the enemy. Better yet, you could even land a kill on an unlucky operator hiding behind the wall.


Introduced during the Operation Dust Line expansion, Blackbeard boasts not only a badass name, but also a pair of Transparent Armored Rifle-Shields (TARS). These clip onto the front of your primary weapon and offer addition protection from gunfire, effectively making the player a harder target to hit. After a few shots the shield will shatter — and opponents with good aim can certainly shoot around it — so you aren’t exactly bulletproof. Still, it’s an ability new players will definitely be thankful for.

The Best Defenders For New Players Include Rook, Kapkan, & Frost

On the defensive side, operators that don’t require active use during the round are the best choices for new players. This means that once you’ve placed your gadgets at the beginning of the round you’re free to focus on not getting shot.


He’s about as slow an operator as you can pick, but you’ll be thankful for all that extra armor he’s sporting. Rook comes to battle with an armor pack that provides damage reduction to your teammates. Just make sure to plop it down as soon as the round starts so your crew can pick up their trauma plates. Also, don’t place it near a window or in another exposed area. That way if you have a teammate who is slow to equip the armor, they won’t be in harm’s way when the round begins.


As the years have gone by, Kapkan seems to become less and less effective. His gadget — several entry denial devices — are basically tripwires that can be attached to doors and windows. However, most players are aware of these by now and will carefully look at entryways before making a move. That means the best place for these is in an area of high traffic where enemies may not expect them. Installing them on doorways without barricades can sometimes work, as an unsuspecting enemy rushing toward the objective could trip the explosive. You can even put them up all around the objective and hope that Attackers forget about them during the heat of battle.


If you like Kapkan’s gadget but want more freedom as to where it can be placed, Ubisoft has you covered. Frost’s gadget is another sort of trap, called Welcome Mats. These can be placed under windows, in doorways, around sharp corners, or even hidden under barbed wire. When stepped on by an enemy, they will be instantly downed. Once you figure out the best places to place the mats, you can start to use them as a way to lure in a second victim — simply wait for another enemy to come revive their downed teammate and pop out for the kill.

While these aren’t the strongest operators in the game, they are among the best for new players to experiment with. Many of them can even be successfully used during Competitive matches. Be sure to learn about all the other operators available in Rainbow Six Siege, as the key to victory is knowing your enemy.

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