Space Junkies’ Cross-Platform Open Beta Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Space Junkies’ Cross-Platform Open Beta Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Ubisoft is set to launch its online multiplayer arena shooter Space Junkies next week. But before that takes place the studio has kindly announced that it’ll be holding a free open beta weekend for players, all of which commences tomorrow. 

So from Thursday 21st March through to Monday 25th March, if you own PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or a Windows Mixed Reality headset then you can take part in the fully cross-platform open beta. Just like the fully complete version which will feature PvP deathmatches and 2 vs 2 battles, for the beta, there will be four fast-paced PvP modes where players can team up and hunt down opponents in zero-gravity arenas.

To mark the announcement Ubisoft has released a new trailer showcasing Space Junkies like never before, giving a much better impression of the gameplay players can expect – if you didn’t play one of the several betas in 2018 of course. Flying around these large zero-g arenas, players can choose to keep enemies at range or go for a much more up close and personal approach with a nice big sword. Weapons are found floating around each location, letting players switch between pistols, shotguns, machine guns as they need to.

Prior to each match players will be able to select from a range of characters, each one offering distinct gameplay advantages in terms of speed and resistance. When spawning they’ll also be able to pick two pieces of equipment as well as their weaponry which provides a mix of both one-handed and two-handed guns.

Ubisoft is certainly putting plenty of effort into Space Junkies. Not only is there tomorrow’s beta and then the official launch on Tuesday 26th, but the company has also created Space Junkies Arcade, which is rolling out to over 100 location-based entertainment (LBE) centres involved in VR around the world alongside a worldwide tournament. Additionally, Space Junkies has also been chosen to be part of Oculus and ESL’s VR League for 2019.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Space Junkies and Ubisoft, reporting back with all the latest updates.

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