The Biggest Gaming News For November 27, 2021

The Biggest Gaming News For November 27, 2021

It certainly hasn’t been a quiet Saturday. Right out the bat, we get news of a potential Marvel universe MMO, which seems to already be in development. Then, Cyberpunk 2077 tops the Steam best-sellers charts, and we find out the GTA trilogy might just be a mobile port. Yeah, it’s been a wild one.

DC Universe Online Dev Could Be Working On A Triple-A Marvel MMO

Much like the television and movie offerings, we’re set to drown in Marvel video games. Spider-Man was finally added to Marvel’s Avengers, Wolverine is getting his own game, and Midnight Suns is set to expand the franchise into the tactical RPG genre. However, it looks like Marvel isn’t done yet. Content creator @mmmmmmmmiller spotted in a financial report that an MMO based on the Marvel IP is in development at Dimensional Ink Studios.

The Outer Worlds 2 Has Been In The Works For At Least Two Years

The Outer World 2’s reveal trailer poked fun at the fact that it had absolutely nothing to reveal. We know it’s in development, sure, but that’s honestly about it. That wasn’t too surprising at first, as most of us assumed it was in its early stages, and would have more to show for itself down the line. However, a recent report suggests it has actually been in development for two years – Obsidian is just keeping its secrets to itself. Admittedly, the company has a lot on its hands right now, especially with Avowed, so it’s possible that this sequel just isn’t really a priority.

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Currently A Steam Best Seller

It may have taken a year, but Cyberpunk 2077 is finally seeing some success! Well, now that the price has been slashed in half anyway. Turns out that’s all it needed. However, we can’t dunk on CD Projekt Red that much, because not only is it selling well, it’s actually reviewing well for the first time ever. Recent reviews sit at “Very Positive”, bringing the total since launch to “Mostly Positive” – far better than 2020. CD Projekt Red thanked its new fans for the support.

Analysts Claim That The Xbox Series S Was Black Friday's Most Popular Console

The PlayStation 5 may be shifting more units overall, but it looks like Xbox is the big Black Friday winner. Or at least its cheaper, diskless counterpart is: the Xbox Series S. This consumer analysis comes from Adobe Digital Economy Index, which came to this conclusion through looking at over one trillion visits to retailers, and surveyed 1000 customers on what they bought. Given all the hardware deals available yesterday and over the weekend, it’s pretty surprising the Series S came out on top – but a surprise that will make Microsoft happy.

It Looks Like The GTA Trilogy Is A Modified Version Of The Mobile Ports

Well, it wouldn’t be a news round-up without a GTA story, would it? Today, a GTA YouTuber came across an unused menu for touch screen controls, suggesting the so-called Definitive Edition is actually just a modified version of prior mobile ports. This has hardly pleased fans, who are now speculating that this is the cause of the game’s various issues. However, it is worth noting that a mobile port of the trilogy is planned, so this could just be in place for that. Yet on the other hand, this is actually the same trick Rockstar pulled with an HD re-release of San Andreas back in 2014, so who knows what’s going on here.

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