The Division 2 Hunter Mask locations: Where To Find All 12 Secret Masks and Bosses?

The Division 2 Hunter Mask locations: Where To Find All 12 Secret Masks and Bosses?

The Division 2 Wraith Mask

For this mask, open you map and head to the area surrounding Capitol Hill’s southwest corner – there’s a control point not too far from here.

Below this southwest corner is another SHD Tech cache and directly east from that is a veteran memorial. For the Wraith Hunter to appear, shoot out the nearby lights first before facing the memorial and performing a salute emote.

The Division 2 Midas and Revenant Masks

Finding these Hunters is simple though you’ll need to fight both of them simultaneously to get their masks. Head to the southwest corner of the West End district where you’ll find a cluster of circular buildings close to the river.

This is close to where the Potomac Relief Camp side mission is.

Locate the nearby pool of water and perform the star jump emote to trigger this secert boss battle.

The Division 2 Phantom, Cross, Death, and Diamond Masks

Pop open you map and travel to the East Mall district. There’s an water resource area along the northern border, at the centre.

Once there, you’ll see a coffee that you can enter. Go inside and over to the counter where there’s a level you can interact with. Now quickly head back outside – there’s a Christmas tree you’ll need to run around three times in order to trigger this firefight. This time there are four Hunters so be careful.

The Division 2 Ghost and Specter Masks

First we have the Ghost Mask. Before you start hunting for this secret boss, make sure you’re packing a decent sniper rifle (we’ll explain why later).

Go to the Washington Memorial control point (needs to be captured first), then head down the elevator shaft found in the supply room. Cross over to the monument and interact with the button to reveal three map locations – these are graves where you’ll need to perform the salute emote. 

Once done, head back and push the button again to reveal another checkpoint, this time showing you an area northwest of the memorial. Approach the shipping containers here and make sure your sniper rifle is equpped. Perched atop one of these crates is the Ghost Hunter. You only have one shot, so make it count – miss and he’ll vanish. If this happens you’ll need to come back a full in-game day later.

The Specter can be found using a similar methodology, though only once you’ve cleared the first step of this scavenger hunt by saluting at the three grave sites.

Head northwest of the monument again and just beyond the control point boundary there are a cluster of buildings. The Specter will be waiting for you on one of these rooftops – if you start to notice some interference with your map and UI then he’s closeby.

If neither of these Hunters are appearing, it may be due to roaming mobs of enemies nearby. Clear them out then fast travel to the monument again, which will hopefully reset their locations.

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