The Gamesir T4 Kaleid is a vivid RGB gaming controller that plays well too

The Gamesir T4 Kaleid is a vivid RGB gaming controller that plays well too

Gamers looking for a snazzy and comfortable controller have come to the right place.

Because Gamesir’s latest effort, the T4 Kaleid, offers an affordable high quality gadget packed with attitude.

It’s aimed at Nintendo Switch, Android tablet and PC players and is a cabled joypad, rather than a wireless one.

The Kaleid is initially all about look.

It’s got a great plastic see-through vibe out of the box, showing off all its internal parts like a badge of honour, with a black and gold chip design peering through the perspex outer shell at you.

It looks effortlessly cool but then goes up another notch when it’s powered.

That’s when the kaleidoscopic RGB lighting kicks in and your device starts to swirl around the edges with rich neon blues, greens and reds that really make the device pop visually in your hands.

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There are four effects to play with.

It’s physically light too, with handy grips at the back of the unit to ensure smooth gameplay even in the sweatiest of online firefights.

When playing you’ll notice a lovely pro-feeling crisp click to the ABXY buttons that belies the modest £42 cost of the product. They feel far better than they should at that price and are designed with micro-switches to reduce travel distance to only 0.6mm.

And for Switch gamers in particular who are fed-up with JoyCon drift, the Kaleid boasts Hall-Effect magnetic sensing joysticks which providing anti-drift tech, allowing the controller to remain durable and accurate after heavy use.

The analog triggers also have a sharp, accurate tactile feel to them with a faint grip to help.

It’s also got motion control thanks to an in-built 6-axis gyro.

So you’ll be able to bowl that digital ball or fire off a shot with your virtual tennis racket with ease on games like Nintendo Switch Sports.

Combined with the rumble motors visible in the base of the unit, it gives that immersive feel to games.

Those on PC looking to personalise their play can download the GameSir T4k App software where they can then remap additional M buttons on the back of the gamepad, as well as tinker with colour speeds and brightness in the lights.

There’s a handy 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom to plug your headphones into and the wired cable itself stretches to two metres, so there’s plenty of give and you don’t have to sit on top of the screen.

Well worth a look if you’re seeking a flashy but well-rounded game controller.


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