The HyperX Clutch Gladiate is a cheap but good wired Xbox game controller

The HyperX Clutch Gladiate is a cheap but good wired Xbox game controller

This cheap and cheerful gaming controller does exactly what it says on the tin.

You’re obviously not getting the very best gaming brand HyperX has to offer at a £35 price point.

But it is solid enough to give you everything you need in a wired gaming controller for a rock-bottom cost.

The Clutch Gladiate is aimed at Xbox and PC gamers and is instantly plug-and-play.

It is incredibly light, barely registering any weight in the hands, which is ideal for longer gaming sessions.

But it’s also quite plasticky and didn’t give me the feeling it’d fare too well over time if it was dropped a fair bit.

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The controller looks stylish with a black chassis and vibrant red re-mappable back buttons.

The red also pops from underneath the thumb sticks, giving it a modern visual vibe.

Gamers wanting short trigger times in shooter titles can use the two-position trigger locks to reduce the milliseconds between shots.

As we know, milliseconds count big time in online multiplayer fights.

And being able to re-map the back buttons for things like reloads and weapon-swapping can help to drastically improve how you play a competitive game, often giving an edge over traditional controller layouts.

The controller is also equipped with powerful dual rumble motors that enhance immersive gaming and provide intuitive force feedback cues, as well as textured grips for a secure hold.

It’s all connected via a decent sized USB-C cable, which is just under 10ft in length.

There’s a 3.5mm stereo jack for easy wired headset connection.

Overall, a very good controller at a very good price.


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