The Pico T1 is a phone-sized projector that produces a good on-the-go display

The Pico T1 is a phone-sized projector that produces a good on-the-go display

This is a wonderful little projector ideal for travellers wanting a big screen movie out and about.

The Pico T1 has been branded a “pocket-sized super slim projector” and in that sense it does exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s basically the size of a mobile phone and comes in a handy leather case not much bigger.

The shiny black device is perfect to tuck into a travel bag on your trips away.

And the result is a remarkably decent little machine that connects wirelessly to the web for streaming and casting shows and movies wherever you are in the world.

It could be on the top of a tent on a rainy campsite, or the side of a hill in sunnier climes.

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The Pico T1 measures just 150 mm x 75 mm x 13.1 mm and weighs 150g, the same as three eggs.

It comes with a magnetic tripod stand that’s flexible for beaming content in whatever angle you desire.

Within minutes you can have it hooked up to wi-fi and streaming all kinds of YouTube, Netflix and Disney+ content.

The makers, Yaber, hope it’ll go down a treat for those wanting a big screen experience around the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

The projector feels well built and offers 650 ANSI lumens for a bright display on a wall or projector screen.

It’s limited to a 540P output sadly, which is its biggest drawback in today’s 4K world.

But the video is decent and clear and enough for on-the-go watching.

And the 15W in-built loudspeaker, while naturally a bit tinny, does a good job at pumping out the sound from such a compact form.

You power the device with a supplied rechargeable battery pack. It takes ages to charge up to 100% but that will last you a long movie.

You also get cables in the pouch with USB-C and HDMI connectivity, so you can easily attach a games console and traditional telly box directly to the unit.

There’s even a titchy remote control that looks far too quaint but does an able job if you can’t be bothered using the onboard controls.

It’s a lovely idea, one that works well and offers a unique selling point.

We’d have just loved a 1080P display as a minimum, or even a 4K.

But perhaps that’s for a Pico T2 sometime in the future.


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