Firewatch movie back on with new producers

Firewatch movie back on with new producers

A Firewatch movie adaptation, first floated about four years ago, has a new production company. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Snoot Entertainment, which produced 2018’s Blindspotting, is in charge of the picture.

Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin, Campo Santo’s director and designer on Firewatch, are among the producers. Snoot Entertainment is contributing Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder, who also produced 2016’s Blair Witch reboot.

Vanaman, in a statement to THR, said, “Jess and Keith are hard-working and visionary film producers,” and that Campo Santo “knew in our first conversation … that they’d make great partners.” The Calders called Firewatch “a beautiful and heartbreaking piece of art,” in a comment to THR.

Firewatch is the critically acclaimed debut work from Campo Santo, which Vanaman and Rodkin co-founded after working together at Telltale Games. It tells the story of two fire lookouts, connected only by a walkie talkie, who unwind a mystery during the 1989 wildfire season in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest. Rich Sommer portrays the player character, Henry, with Cissy Jones supplying the non-corporeal voice of his friend Delilah.

Firewatch earned Best Debut and Best Narrative honors, among five total nominations, at the 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards. In September 2016, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Campo Santo had connected with the production and financing company Good Universe to develop a feature-length adaptation. However, when Valve bought Campo Santo in 2018, those production rights reverted to Campo Santo.

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