Get a Massive 75-inch 4K TV on Sale, Plus More Great Vizio Deals

Get a Massive 75-inch 4K TV on Sale, Plus More Great Vizio Deals

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There’s really no excuse not to upgrade your television at this point, and the good news is, Walmart has some incredible 4K TV deals happening right now, including a massive 70-inch 4K TV for just $798.

If you take a step back and look and the trajectory of televisions, it’s pretty amazing, to be honest. Until recently, televisions didn’t do a whole lot of changing since the time color TV took over the airwaves. Cathode-ray tube televisions could only get so big, and a 36-inch CRT was about as big as you’d encounter in the real world. If you wanted a bigger set, you had to get a rear-projector. While they were definitely status symbols (Biggie Smalls mentions a 50-inch screen in his song ‘Juicy’,) the picture was terrible and viewing angles were even worse.

But now, here, in 2019, you can get a massive television for thousands less with higher resolutions, features not possible just 10-15 years ago, and thin form factors you can hang on a wall.

Vizio 4K 70-inch Smart TV (2019 Model) Deal for $798

This 2019 model Vizio is maybe the most TV for the money right now. It has a full-array LED backlight, built-in Chromecast (so you can jump right into Google Stadia whenever that’s a thing), and voice control support with Google Assistant.

You can also get last year’s D-series 70-inch for the same price, if that’s your jam:

  • Vizio 70-inch D70-F3 4K Smart TV (2018 Model) for $798

Vizio 4K 50-inch Smart TV Deal for $298

This remains the best deal for a Vizio television. It hits the sweet spot between price, features, and size. Coming in at just a touch under $300, you get 50 inches of 4K goodness for your living space. It’s insanity! Sheer madness.

Vizio XLED 55-inch 4K Smart TV Deal for $428

The XLED displays from Vizio use its “high-performance full-array local dimming backlight technology” to get you a better picture than you find with traditional LED displays. That’s all well and good, but it’s also on sale, making it an even sweeter deal. This is a 2017 model, so if that bothers you, you should move along. But it you don’t really mind saving money on an older TV, this remains a fantastic deal on a new 4K TV.

More Great Vizio 4K TV Deals

Here are some other great chances to pick up a new Vizio 4K TV:

  • Vizio 65-inch 4K Smart LED TV (D65x-G4) for $598
  • Vizio 55-inch 4K Smart LED TV (D55x-G1) for $379
  • Get a Massive 75-inch 4K TV on Sale, Plus More Great Vizio Deals
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