Some Of The Best PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Are On Sale Right Now

Some Of The Best PS4 And Xbox One Controllers Are On Sale Right Now

Controllers can be expensive, especially when it comes to fight pads, fight sticks, and those that come with back paddles and extra buttons. Any discount is appreciated, and Razer is currently slicing the prices of its best PS4, Xbox One, and PC controllers on Amazon. The sale runs from now until August 3, but supplies are limited and may deplete by then, so you may want to snag the controllers you’re interested in as soon as possible.

All five of the discounted controllers have been tested by us and rank among the best PS4 controllers and best Xbox One and Series X controllers. We’ve also tested the Razer Junglecat and the Raiju Mobile, controllers that are specially designed for mobile devices. These are great for Project xCloud and other controller-supported mobile games.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One controller

$130 (was $160)

Razer’s take on the Xbox One Elite controller is one of the pads on sale. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is down to $130 and features an interchangeable D-pad and analog sticks as well as four back buttons and two extra shoulder buttons. Each and every button is remappable, allowing you to keep your thumbs on the sticks if you want to reload, jump, crouch, and everything in between. It also comes with Razer’s Chroma lighting feature and a quick control panel that gives you easy access to muting your mic, adjusting your volume, remapping your buttons, and more.

Razer Raion PS4 fight pad

$80 (was $100)

The Razer Raion is a great fight pad that can also replicate every action of a regular DualShock 4, making it absolutely essential for fight pad fans on the PS4. Its buttons also feel excellent and easy to press, making them great for knocking out combos. Likewise, the D-pad is clicky and satisfying, especially when rolling out quarter-circles.

Razer Atrox Xbox One fight stick

$170 (was $200)

The Razer Atrox is a great Xbox One fight stick that feels good with everything from Street Fighter and Tekken to any number of anime fighters. While it does work excellently on Xbox One (and will work with the upcoming Xbox Series X), it’s not 100% compatible with PC like Razer’s PS4 fight sticks are.

Razer Junglecat mobile controllers

$90 (was $100)

The Razer Junglecat controllers connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth but can also be inserted into the included case to turn your Android phone into a Nintendo Switch-like handheld device. These work great with Project xCloud and any other controller-supported app, though it’s worth nothing they are not compatible with iPhones.

Razer Raiju Mobile controller

$100 (was $150)

If you’re looking for a more versatile mobile controller, then the Raiju Mobile is a great choice. It features two back buttons and two extra shoulder buttons, all of which are remappable. It provides an experience more similar to playing on consoles, thanks to its more traditional design, and works great with Project xCloud and more. It even comes with its own clip that you can set your Android device into.

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