Where to Preorder the Sega Genesis Mini

Where to Preorder the Sega Genesis Mini

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Sega is joining the retro mini-console wars with its own Sega Genesis Mini, with a September 19 release date and a $79.99 price tag. The good news is you can preorder the Sega Genesis Mini right now, but the question is: should you?

Sony’s PlayStation Classic mini console was regarded by almost everyone as a complete disappointment. A weird selection of games, emulation problems, PAL versions of some games, and a $99 price tag turned people off. You can still pick one up at Walmart for a clearance price of $39.

Hopefully the Sega Genesis Mini is closer in quality to the Super NES and NES Classics. Signs point to it being closer to what Nintendid than what Sonyn’t, with an AC adapter included in the box.

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  • Where to Preorder the Sega Genesis Mini
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