'Blood & Truth' PSVR Hardware Bundle Now Available for Pre-order, Launching Tomorrow – Road to VR

'Blood & Truth' PSVR Hardware Bundle Now Available for Pre-order, Launching Tomorrow – Road to VR

Blood & Truth is set to launch tomorrow, May 28th. As Sony’s next big title after the hit platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission (2018), the company is putting its best foot forward by featuring the action game in its own PSVR hardware bundle.

At $350, the bundle includes everything you need (minus PS4 or PS4 Pro) to get fully into VR. In the box you’ll find the PSVR headset, PS Camera, two PS Move controllers, Demo Disc 3.0 Disc, and both Blood & Truth Disc and Everybody’s Golf VR game voucher.

You can order the bundle now at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and GameStop.

We’ve seen quite a bit of Blood & Truth over the past two years. Getting our first taste of the game in late 2017, it was immediately apparent Sony was throwing a good amount of time and money at the project in effort to approach AAA territory. As an outgrowth of the successful demo The London Heist, Blood & Truth is aiming to essentially bring the player into an action movie, replete with guns, explosives, and high octane chase sequences. We have our full review of Blood & Truth coming tomorrow, but it’s safe to say (based on our time with previous demos) that Sony’s London Studio has put a lot of love and polish into the game.

If you’re not fully sold on Blood & Truth (or the strangely positioned Everybody’s Golf VR), there is a cheaper PSVR+ Trover Saves the Universe & Five Nights at Freddy’s VR bundle launching on May 31st, although it doesn’t include PS Move controllers—something that costs around $100 if you buy them separately.

There are still a few older hardware bundles out there if you’re looking for a PSVR on the cheap, although make sure to check whether they include PS Move or not so you’re not stuck having to grab a pair after the fact.

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