FeetSaber Mod Turns Beat Saber Into VR Dance Dance Revolution

FeetSaber Mod Turns Beat Saber Into VR Dance Dance Revolution

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Beat Saber has often been described as being ‘like Dance Dance Revolution but for VR’, and it seems that couldn’t have been more prophetic, because here we are with the FeetSaber mod which basically turns the game into DDR.

Beyond its ‘easy to learn hard to master’ gameplay, Beat Saber’s extensive community of track makers and modders are a major reason why the game is one of the best selling VR titles to date.

A new mod created by a modder named Naluluna literally attaches tiny lightsabers to your feet and lowers the notes to the ground, turning the gameplay into a surprisingly functional dancing game. Using Vive Trackers attached to their feet and hips, the usual controllers, and the LIV and Virtual MotionCapture software, YouTuber omotea captured themselves playing the mod as a full avatar:

FeetSaber is part of a suite of Beat Saber mods by Naluluna called NalulunaModifier, which also contains a handful of other zaney mods including ‘Boxing‘, ‘Badminton‘ and ‘Vacuum Saber‘ (because why not).

If you want to try FeetSaber for yourself you can do so with the the Beat Saber mod manager ‘Mod Assistant‘ and you can find the latest download link to the NalulunaModifier mod (which includes FeetSaber) at the bottom of the creator’s GitHub page. Note that to play FeetSaber you’ll need to either securely attach your controllers to your feet or use additional motion trackers like the Vive Tracker.

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