Get 'Obduction' for Free from Now Until June 1st – Road to VR

Get 'Obduction' for Free from Now Until June 1st – Road to VR

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GOG is giving away Obduction (2016), the latest VR puzzler from Cyan, the studio behind iconic ’90s adventure puzzlers Myst (1993) and Riven (1997).

To get it, simply log into (or sign up for) your GOG account, and add the game by clicking this link.

The game is free to keep, but you have to make sure to add it to your account before June 1st at 10 PM UTC (local time here).

We wouldn’t go as far to spoil the game (even slightly) for newcomers, but it’s safe to say Obduction is a both mentally taxing and hardware-intensive; we felt confident enough to give the game a very solid [8.5/10] in our review even its ‘experimental VR mode’ state, which it has since been shed with its official launch a few weeks after our initial review.

It definitely reflects the studio’s brand of visually stunning environments mixed with cerebral puzzles, although it did suffer from somewhat of a rocky launch—in part due to high hardware requirements at the time.

It seems to have rebounded somewhat with successive optimizations as well as new content, which has garnered the game a ‘Mostly Positive’ overall user rating on Steam, a 78% positive rate out of a total of 1,635 reviews.

Obduction supports SteamVR headsets including HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game, when launched through the GOG Galaxy downloader, is initially in non-VR mode however.

To get into the VR version, simply go into the settings and click More -> Other -> Obduction VR and SteamVR will automatically launch.

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