New Witcher VR Mod Lets You Walk Around Kaer Morhen

New Witcher VR Mod Lets You Walk Around Kaer Morhen

A new mod for the original Witcher game allows you to walk around Kaer Morhen in VR. Sound like a fantasy dream come true? Well, it kind of is — the only problem is there’s nothing else to do in the mod except walk around. And shoo some pigeons.

The Witcher is becomingly an increasingly popular franchise — after the success of the trilogy of Witcher games by CD Projekt Red, interest in the property has been revitalized once again thanks to the Witcher TV series released by Netflix late last year. This recent surge in popularity might explain why now, of all times, we’ve finally received the first-ever Witcher VR mod.

Made by Patryk Loan, this VR mod is designed to work with the original Witcher game released in 2008 by CD Projekt Red. If you’ve got that game installed, you can head over to Nexus Mods to download the Witcher VR mod installation files. After extracting the RAR file, just run Install.bat and follow the instructions.

After installation, plug in your headset and go to the installation folder of The Witcher game, find the ‘System’ subfolder and then launch the witcher.exe file. This will bring up a launcher with the option to start the game in normal or VR mode.

Once the VR mode launches and you select Kaer Morhen (the only available area for the VR mod at the moment), you can then roam around the castle grounds and shoo some pigeons away. That’s pretty much all there is to it — you can’t go inside the castle or make any other movements or actions beside walking. That being said, Loan stated he might add more maps in the future, along with a playable campaign, such as the game’s Prologue or a playable level of his own creation. Watch this space!

The Witcher VR mod is available over at Nexus Mods. 

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