PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Shows Off New Gameplay

PSVR Exclusive Blood & Truth Shows Off New Gameplay

Ahead of Tuesday’s launch of Blood & Truth, PlayStation has shared 13 minutes of new gameplay showing one of the early levels of the game.

Developed by Sony’s London Studio (the studio behind the excellent Playstation VR Worlds), Blood & Truth is a PSVR exclusive that aims to make the player feel like the lead character in an action movie.

To that end, one of the game’s early levels establishes the player’s backstory as an ex-military badass—which will probably help explain why they know how to use guns and explosives later in the game. New gameplay footage shows the level in its entirety:

The level is also used as an interactive tutorial without feeling too overt about it. Players will learn how to shoot, reload, climb ladders, and pick locks. The player will also get familiar with the holster system which allows you to stash weapons at your hips and shoulders, with fresh magazines able to be pulled from a pouch on the chest for reloading. At the conclusion of the level we see a car chase where the player rides shotgun (which will be quite familiar to those who have played ‘The London Heist’, the PlayStation VR Worlds mini-game which inspired Blood & Truth.

Blood & Truth launches on Tuesday, May 28th alongside a new PSVR bundle [Amazon] which includes the game. Keep an eye out for our full review on launch day.

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