Social XR Collaboration Platform 'Spatial' Now on Oculus Store for Quest – Road to VR

Social XR Collaboration Platform 'Spatial' Now on Oculus Store for Quest – Road to VR
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    Spatial, the social collaboration platform for XR devices, is now available for public download on Oculus Quest, which includes cross-platform support for HoloLens, Magic Leap One, Nreal, Web browsers, and iOS & Android mobile devices.

    As a work-focused social app, Spatial puts heavy emphasis on productivity tools, including things such as an in-app browser, screen sharing abilities, support for multiple 2D/3D file types, communal whiteboards and sticky notes, and integration with Slack, Google Drive, One Drive, and Share Point.

    The platform’s other claim to fame is its approach to avatars, as users can upload a selfie and generate a more realistic avatar than you might otherwise with the more cartoonish offerings in other social VR programs.

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    Notably, Spatial is available for free for individuals and groups who want to try it out. The free version lets you:

    • Host up to 30 people in a room
    • Host up to an additional 20 people from the webapp
    • Unlimited meeting length
    • Unlimited saved rooms
    • Up to 5GB of storage
    • For $20 a month, Spatial also includes unlimited storage and a dedicated team administration panel.

      There’s still no word on whether PC VR headsets will eventually get support, however it seems Spatial is intent on keeping its platform mobile-first. You can download Spatial for Quest here.

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