Vacation Simulator Launches Today on PSVR

Vacation Simulator Launches Today on PSVR

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Job Simulator (2016), the popular simulator parody game from Owlchemy Labs, served up a sequel on PC VR headsets back in April—its more laid-back cousin Vacation Simulator (2019). Starting today, users on PSVR can get into fun too, and just in time for the summer vacation season.

In case you haven’t heard, Vacation Simulator is a bit different from its whimsical, career-minded predecessor. Instead of running through a number of fun, but largely disconnected activities, Vacation Simulator injects the franchise with not only a story of its own, but a much larger connected world filled with a wide selection of objectives that you can choose to fulfill to move forward in the game.

While it definitely keeps the feel of the first in the franchise, Vacation Simulator offers such a larger number of activities that you can basically pursue at your leisure, from light puzzles to more physical activities, giving you the points you need to access all three vacation areas (Beach, Forest, Mountain).

If you’re looking for an in-depth look at Vacation Simulator, check out our (spoiler free) review and find out why we gave it an extremely solid [8.8/10].

Vacation Simulator goes live today on the PlayStation Store, priced at $30/€33/£27.

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